Bio Partnering

About Bio-Partnering

The Partnering system being used for powering the Bio-partnering at Global Bio-India is the top choice for several large format International life sciences events, Biopharma and Biotech companies. It uses state-of-the art processes to enable a smooth partnering experience.

Registering for Bio-Partnering

Each Registered participant from all attending Organizations will be provided a partnering account after they fill the GBI registration form and complete registration. The term "organization" covers all types of companies, institutions, departments, individuals etc. While registering for the Global Bio-India event, registrants will be requested to accept the Terms & conditions at & a Privacy policy that assures Data Protection.

Bio-Partnering Steps

  • Step 1: Register for the GBI event at
  • Step 2: Receive a welcome mail with "Bio-partnering login details" within 24 working hours of Registering for the GBI event.
  • Note: The Bio-partnering site can be accessed only after you receive the login details.
  • Step 3: GBI Registered Delegates please click on the below image to access Bio-Partnering system

The Bio-partnering process involves several easy-to-use steps that include

  • Updating your personal and company profiles and pressing the Publish button to make your company profile visible to others
  • Marking your availability
  • Searching for companies to meet with
  • Sending and accepting meeting requests
  • Attending your meetings - Meeting will be of a fixed duration of 30 minutes

Guide to successful Bio-partnering

  • Get your meetings scheduled in the first round by marking your availability early
  • Maximize your number of meetings by sending meeting requests as soon as possible
  • Catch the eye of potential partners with snappy subject lines
  • Make your company easy to find by filling out your company profile, including fields such as therapeutic areas of interest, financing, country, size, company type and assets
  • Optimize your scheduling onsite by leveraging the One-on-One mobile app

Bio-Partnering Meetings

  • The meeting scheduling will be done in phases and expected to begin by Nov 05.
  • There will be several rounds of scheduling till Nov 21.
  • The meetings will be fixed either in the Exhibition booths OR in the designated Bio-partnering area (Hall J). The time slot and booth numbers will be clearly communicated to each meeting participant. Entry to the designated Bio-partnering area will be restricted to only two designated individuals each from the Organizations for meetings fixed for that time slot. Members need to exit the Bio-partnering area immediately after their meetings to allow the next batch to enter the area/booth to begin their scheduled meetings.

    We look forward to participants having a fruitful Bio-partnering experience at Global Bio-India 2019.

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